Current Distractions, June 2012 Edition

The fact that the "Current Distractions" tag is starting to look bigger than the "Top 100" tag in the tag cloud in the sidebar suggests I really need to get my act together. If you're curious to see what I'm reading at any given time (i.e. whether I'm staying on task and will be posting new reviews soon), in as close to real time as I happen to update it, I have a Goodreads account that I think I've mentioned a time or two before. We should be friends! In other blog-relevant news, Scoop is proving rather difficult to get my hands on, unfortunately, but now that I know it's apparently disappeared from the library, I'll be renewing my efforts to find it elsewhere.

Besides that, though, ladies and gents, it's summertime (and commarific). I spent a night at the lake this month, and it was just what I needed to make me realize the seasons have changed after all.

The most important things that have interfered with my free time this month are the graduations of my sister and my brother. My little sister finished her (first) undergrad degree this year (I now defer to her on all matters of childhood development and primary education), and my little brother got his high school diploma (meaning he's a kind of actual adult now, which boggles the mind). I'm tremendously proud of both of them, and also this makes me feel horribly old.

And speaking of being old, I'm trying really hard lately to procrastinate less, finish unfinished projects, and organize my personal archives, and a bunch of stuff like that. Plus my latest 101 Things in 1001 Days project came due this month and I've started a new one as of yesterday. I've been working for literal years on a way to organize all this stuff in a useful list form (I love to-do lists like nobody's business) with extremely minimal success, but then discovered Toodledo via a coworker. I've been using it most of this month and I really love it so far. It has very satisfying checkbox functionality.

And finally, probably my favourite thing that I'm doing right now is writing for the collablog that I have with several engineering friends of mine, called Socializing Engineers. June was the first month for it, but we'll be writing about a different topic (based on votes) each month. I highly recommend that you check it out, because I have brilliant friends who are awesome and I'm so happy and lucky to be doing a project like this with them!(!!)

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