In Which A Mission Is Modified Again

OK, so I’ve obviously been neglecting the blog to a pretty absurd degree lately. And although I’ve been really trying to resist this, I’m afraid that I’m finally just going to give in.

No more romance novels.

I dunno if this’ll be a shock/disappointment/relief to you guys or what, but basically I have less than 50 leisure hours available to me per week, and there are too many amazing things out there for me to spend insane amounts of my free time reviewing terrible novels (I’ve taken that away from Dragon*Con, if nothing else). Like I said when I previously modified my mission statement, if there comes a time when I’m an unemployed loser again, I’ll happily go back to the romance novels.

The blog is called Two Hectobooks, though. I have something like 45 inherited books sitting on my bookshelf that desperately need to be read, and a reading list that’s about a million miles long on top of those, so I’m just going to keep reading and reviewing whatever, interspersed with the Top 100 books. In case you’re curious about what random novels may be coming up, the inherited books are mostly a lot of Canlit. My personal taste, if you haven’t figured this out by now, runs strongly toward sf, with forays into fantasy, horror, historical, and basically just about anything that has a catchy title and smart cover.

I feel sort of sad about this decision, but I feel good about it, too. The blog has been feeling like a burden for the past several months, but now that I’ve made this decision it’s starting to seem like a fun project again. The current romnov, Night Bites by Nina Bangs, is a lot of fun, but it’s also seemed like an impenetrable barrier that I had no time to dissect mercilessly. Now I’ll set it aside in favour of something else, and hopefully get back into the groove again, and post more often than never.

Still, if any one, five, or ten people out there want to take over the romance side of the project, I’m completely open to that, and I’d be happy to add you as a contributor to the blog, or just put up some guest posts from you! Just comment on this post or, you know, call me, since I think all my readers are close friends who have my phone number, haha.

And finally: hopefully over the next couple of weeks I'll have a chance to mess around with the formatting and various pages on the site, so that they reflect the various changes.


  1. I'd actually like to write a guest post, if you want something to fill in a time when you're particularly busy. Maybe I could post a basic "baby's first romnovel" or something, since I've never read one?

  2. @catherine anne: Oh man, that'd be super amazing! I'll email you momentarily re: posting possibilities!