Current Distractions, Belated January 2011 Edition

A Story

I was away on a remote jobsite somewhere north of 55 degrees latitude for the end of the month, given about one day worth of notice, and without a good source of internet access during the evenings, so I'm unfortunately posting this a few days late. It was the farthest I'd ever been in that direction and before I left I wasn't really sure what to expect, besides a complete lack of 3G coverage. (So I guess you could say that my expectations were met.)

The evening before I left, I texted my friend Anne that I hoped I wouldn't get eaten by a wolf. I was mostly joking.

When I landed at the site airport at the end of a much-delayed flight, accompanied by a sense of impending adventure and the naked sensation of not carrying a cellphone, one of the guys from my company picked me and the other newcomers up at the terminal's back door.

"Welcome to site," he said as he drove us toward our lunch. "It's fucking cold and there's wolves all around us."

Because the former was true, I had a nervous feeling that the latter might be, too. And it was. I found out in orientation a few hours later that there was a wolf attack here not terribly long ago. A matter of years, but still.

So seriously, let's hope I don't get eaten by a wolf when I go back. I'll keep you posted.

Some Links

I spent the better part of January trying to get myself to stop wasting all of my free time on the internet. Getting sent to the wilderness will be just the kick in the pants that I need, but in the meantime, maybe I can pass my addictions along to the rest of you?

First, I spend way too much time reading The A.V. Club. In fact, just by going there to get the link, I ended up spending ten minutes reading stuff just now. The best tv reviews around (okay fine, the only tv reviews that I read), interviews, and entertainment news that's so sarcastic that it makes you forget you're reading entertainment news. You guys should all know about this.

Next, I've somehow been getting more into the skeptic, um, movement (?) as I simultaneously fall further down the gender issues and geek rabbit holes. Skepchick is the blog I follow most closely at the moment, and I'll keep you posted if anything else comes up.

And I know I've mentioned The Cinema Snob in another one of these posts, but why not just go check out That Guy With The Glasses in its hilarious entirety? I recommend... everything on there. For reals.

Finally, if I could link you to my Tumblr dashboard, I would. But Self Care is probably my current favourite web-based breath of fresh air. Point your SAD in this direction.

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