Current Distractions, January 2020 Edition

January has been the usual month of extremes, from extremely cold to unseasonably "warm" but still below zero, from the last few days of rest after Christmas to getting back into the swing of things at work. The sun is now rising shortly before 9 a.m. though, and soon enough it'll be setting after 6 p.m., so spring is slowly but surely on its way.

As I think is pretty common at the beginning of the year, I'm experimenting with some new organization and motivational techniques but I'm not sure how they're functioning just yet. I do know that I'm finding it very motivational to be nearly at the end of The List.

The Crown (season 3)
Grey's Anatomy (season 15)
Big Mouth (season 3)
Star Trek: Picard (season 1 - wow that first episode!)
Dr Stone

Control (but not as much, because I'm now doing end game boss fights all the time :( )

For this first month of the year, I've reached 20km, after missing two entire swim practices, argh! Over the next few months, I have several swimming events coming up that I'm really looking forward to.

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