Current Distractions, February 2019 Edition

The coldest month in Saskatchewan since the 1930s has officially come to an end, and somehow I have survived, although my housekeeping has taken a real turn for the worse as I just hunkered down to make the time go by (you'd think that bad weather would be the perfect time to sort through all of my junk, but of course no).

Increasingly obsessed with swimming. I've already swum over 25km this year, meaning if I keep up this pace I'll definitely exceed the goal I just managed to meet last year of swimming 100km cumulatively over the whole year.

The second two novels of U.S.A. by John Dos Passos
The Identities of Marie Rose Delorme Smith by Doris Jeanne MacKinnon
A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe
In the Forest (The Familiar Vol. 2) by Mark Z. Danielewski
The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

The Favourite
Glow season 1
Ru Paul's Drag Race season 4
Star Trek Discovery season 2
They Shall Not Grow Old (WWI documentary)

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