#12hppofxmas Day 3

One thing that I neglected to mention yesterday is that I'm also reading Winesburg, Ohio right now (a List book), however I'm reading it as an ebook, and therefore I'm not able to get an accurate page count out of it. To my dismay, it's a short story collection, and I've been reading a story or two per day and not enjoying it a whole lot. Fortunately I do enjoy the other things I've been reading, and they're going by fast. I'm over halfway through Throne of Jade now.

Yesterday I spent the whole day at home quietly. Today I have a few things to get done outside of the house, so I anticipate a smaller page count.

Pages Read:

Day 1: 46
Day 2: 202
Day 3 (so far): 70
Cumulative: 318
Cumulative Target: 300

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