Current Distractions, Belated June 2018 Edition

Happy July!

You may remember that I had to get a new computer back in February/March. It's a Mac Mini, which I've since christened Theodore. Don't worry--it's still chugging along just fine (except for the fact that it's pretty underpowered for even my very basic needs in 2018 *sigh*). However, because it's a desktop computer, and because I don't have a ton of desks, I effectively put Theodore out of commission for the last couple of weeks when I decided to paint my office. I've just plugged the computer back in and directly began writing this post.

June featured a whole host of other distractions besides painting my office. I'm trying to spend more time outside this summer, so I've been sitting out on the deck a lot. This isn't necessarily a distraction, because what I mostly do while I'm sitting out there is read books.

I've had a few lazy weeks. I'll update next month when I have something to be proud of again!

Brooklyn 99
Call the Midwife - Just watched an episode last night that made me cry very hard
Charité - Did not fill the void left by The Knick, but had some interesting bits
Babylon Berlin - Yes, two German language shows

Anyway, that's my quick update for this month. I have a backlog of three or four posts that need to be written but haven't been due to my lack of computer power (I do write things out longhand fairly frequently but sometimes you just really need to be able to type to get things out fast enough), so I'll be busy on other blog stuff this weekend.

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