Five Years Ago This Month: June 2013

Five years ago this month...

...I created a Facebook page. Said Facebook page is currently not active because it turns out I'm useless at keeping blog social media updated. Is this why nobody reads my blog? Your guess is as good as mine but probably.

...I reviewed The Long Walk. Still majorly love this book. Still haven't posted the series comparing it to The Hunger Games and Battle Royale as promised in a note at the beginning of that review. Awkwardly enough, I did actually write that comparison, just never got around to posting it. Is it too late?

...I was distracted. No fond memories of Arrested Development season 4 (no memories at all really), many fond memories of DS9, and I still listen to the Mission Log podcast. I never finished either of the books that I mentioned I was reading in that post, though. I've actually been thinking a lot about June 2013 lately, because it was truly a miserable time for me, and I've come a long way since then. That misery still feels very fresh in a lot of ways, but half a decade has gone by and I've survived a lot since then.

Bit of a story time re: this photo of the volume of emails I had coming in at work. I choose FYATM photos randomly a little while before I actually do the posts, so it's a complete coincidence that this is what I chose and it was also the photo that I used way back in June 2013 to illustrate the month. Pretty clear what dominated my thoughts at the time and dominates my memory now.

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