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Welcome to Saskatchewan is A Thing, my compilation of all of the random references to Saskatchewan, which I believe is over-represented when it comes to random references, chasing some of the greats like Timbuktu and Tripoli. If you know of a Saskatchereference that I haven't featured yet, please leave a comment!

It's been forever since the last time I did one of these!

I'm always pleased to see a Reductress article cross over one of my various timelines/feeds/whathaveyous because they often get the perfect mix of too real and too ridiculous in their articles.

A friend sent me this next article shortly after it was originally posted, but thanks to the way I have my blog posts scheduled, I'm just now getting around to sharing it:

This article was written by Nicole Boyce, and while there isn't any information about her on the Reductress site, I felt a bit of a twinge reading it and decided to look her up. I found this Nicole Boyce, who seems like she must be the person although at time of writing, the web page doesn't include this article among her list of works. So if the writer is indeed Calgary-based, the reference is less random than the usual Saskatchereference, but I'm including it anyway because I guarantee that the Reductress readers aren't exclusively western Canadian.

Saskatchereference Tally: 3
Saskatchereferences per Saskatcheresident: 1/380 857 (3/1 142 570)

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