Current Distractions, June 2016 Edition

Every month I resolve to keep track of what I've been up to so I'll know what to write about in these posts, and every month I fail miserably at doing so. Put it this way: I'm amazed that June is over already. Last year sometime I decided that I wanted to have all of my junk organized by September of this year, and let me tell you, the clock is ticking. It's particularly hard because sunny days aren't the kinds of days that I want to be spending cooped up going through a bunch of old stuff. But, I think I've had a fairly productive month. I'm relatively on track with my reading goals for finishing this project someday in the foreseeable future, as well as my reading goal for the year.

Not a lot besides that to report for now.


I saw the new Warcraft movie, and while I thought it was horrendously uneven, there were also a lot of things about it that I really, really liked. Devin Faraci's review at Birth.Movies.Death encapsulates my feelings pretty well.

Finally watched John Wick. I was expecting something more along the lines of The Raid: Redemption for some reason, but enjoyed what I got instead nevertheless.


I've become a bit of a fan of this new book app called Litsy. I'm "twohectobooks" over there as well. Goodreads is still where the full listing of all the books I've ever read and some of the books I plan to read lives, but Litsy makes it really easy to quickly share things while I'm reading in a way that I've never gotten the hang of with Twitter. If you follow me on there, you'll definitely get some sneak peaks at what I thought of books, long before the reviews come up in the cue on this 'ere blog.


I'm listening to Star Trek podcasts again in hopes of getting into the headspace for the new movie (Into Darkness really did a number on me). I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Mission Log before, but there's a new, official podcast, called Engage that's been pretty good so far, too.

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