In Which I’ve Been Doing This For Five Years

It seems like it’s been a lot less than five years since my first post to this blog. A lot has happened, but a lot has also stayed the same. If my posting schedule from the beginning, one book review per week, had stayed the same, I wouldn’t even be celebrating this anniversary, because I would’ve been done the project almost a year ago. Instead, I got a full time job, bought a house, did some travelling, made some costumes, and any number of things, so I’m not even halfway through, and the end seems to be getting ever further away.

When it comes to the fact of five years of Two Hectobooks, I hardly even know what to write about. I’ve read some good books, some bad ones, some mediocre ones. Many of them I never would’ve read otherwise.

Some people have full time jobs and blog all the time. I don’t know how they do it. It doesn’t help me that I often find myself working in locations where I have no internet access, so it’s not a matter of firing up my computer and firing off a blog post, but rather getting a phone hotspot set up and making sure that I don’t use too much data, and I’ve only had a smartphone for the past two and a half years. Before that I just drafted everything offline, then had to post during my scant time at home.

I just renewed the domain name, though, so maybe it’s a good time to renew my commitment to this little much-beloved but barely-read blog. I managed two substantive posts last month, and that’s not a bad or unreachable goal to aim for moving forward. I also signed up for Codecademy last month, so maybe in a little while I can clean the dust off of the layout. (Don’t hold your breath, though.)

Anyway, if you’re someone who’s been reading all this time, thanks! If you just started, thanks to you too! This hasn’t been the most enthusiastic five year anniversary post, but here’s the thing: I’m not going anywhere. The attention paid will continue to fluctuate, but dammit I will get through The List somehow, someday.

Five Years Ago This Month...

...I published my mission statement. For some reason I thought I was a lot more precise in that initial post, but the fact is that I haven't strayed too far from what I originally said I was going to do. I mostly don't review romance novels anymore, though.

...I reviewed The Magnificent Ambersons. It was a great start (or end, depending on how you're counting) to The List, and I'd still recommend this book to anyone who's interested in themes of change, family, and love.

...I reviewed The Farmer Takes a Wife. It wasn't good.

...I reviewed The Ginger Man. I strongly disliked Sebastian Dangerfield, but little did I know that there was much worse in store for me further up The List...

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