Current Distractions, June 2013 Edition

This month has been chiefly characterized by tons and tons of work.  If I thought that my work schedule was bad before, it's worse now, with the redeeming quality of the opportunity to sleep in my own bed every night.  I've also been a bit ill, and bought new glasses that I really like.

For the last several weeks I was in the vicinity of 100 work emails per day, which is rarely a fun time
I watched the new season of Arrested Development, and like the old seasons of Arrested Development, it took some getting into and then paid off in the end.

I also started watching season 4 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which is just such a good show.  Hilariously, there was a two-part episode from this season that basically hit all of the beats that the new movie attempted, about 500 times more successfully, despite tv-scale spectacle.  Further evidence that we need a new Trek tv series.

Speaking of Star Trek, on my long commutes I've been listening to a fabulous Star Trek podcast called Mission Log.  I'm basically the opposite of a fan of Star Trek: TOS, but this podcast is at least opening my eyes to what makes people love it, and I can't wait until they get all the way through their recaps of those episodes and hopefully start in on Star Trek: TNG, which is my one true love of the franchise.

Because I have no time to read books anymore, I'm still reading The Beginning of Infinity, and have started another book called Liberty, by Lucy Moore, both of which I've renewed from the library a couple of times now.

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