In Which We Discuss the State of the Blog

To begin, I have to say that I have more plans and ideas than time to write them down, and I'm sure that will foil me this year just like it has forever (in the life of the blog and otherwise).

But let's just talk a bit about what I'd like to accomplish with the blog this year.

I'll begin with like the main thing of the blog, which is the Top 100 book reviews.  I only read four of the books on the List last year, which is frankly pathetic.  At that rate, it'll take me almost twenty years to get through the List, which I am not interested in.  I'm actually hoping to finish it in something closer to the next three years, if that's possible (it's not, I don't think).  But I'd like to get through about ten items this year.  Number 70 is the Alexandria Quartet which is four books (one of the List's many cheats), so that's thirteen books.  Doable for sure.

The other "main thing" is the random books.  It's no struggle at all for me to read those, but it can be a bit of a challenge to find the energy to write reviews.  But if I want to get through ten List items, I need to have companion random books read and reviewed.  I've also decided that I'm really curious about what Nicholas Sparks' books are actually like, so I'm going to read one.

And now we'll get a little bit more abstract.

I want to keep posting at least one thing every couple of weeks (I've been doing this on Tuesdays since Novemberish, and I'll hopefully be able to keep it up, as I'm building up a little tiny buffer right now).  That may mean more supplemental posts.  I want to get into a few different topics: the engineering profession, living in camp, what I actually do in a day at work, and some more relationshipy stuff.  If I end up building up enough of a buffer, like a year's worth, I'll speed up my post schedule.

Anyway, the point of all this is that if I have any "resolution" for 2013, it's to be way more intentional about how I spend my time.  I.e. I want to cut down on the huge amount of time I waste playing flash games, plus stop this horrible tendency to always stare at a screen during every spare second (I do these things to unwind, but I have other, better unwinders, like crocheting for example, that I should be focussing on instead).  I'm going to watch good tv, and read books, and do some writing.  That's not to say I'll never just sit and play a game on my phone for fifteen minutes, but I really want to cut down on that as much as I can.  Here's hoping I'll be successful.

That said, in an effort to be more accountable, I've started a sort of fitness/life blog.  However, due to the content being pretty directly related to my life and locations and personal goals, etc. I'm keeping that blog private so that I know who's reading it.  If you're interested, send me an email (twohectobooks @ g etc.) or like talk to me in person, and if you're not a stranger I'll send you an invitation to read it.

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