Current Distractions, Belated February 2021 Edition

All I can say about this is that if February were a month that was as long as a normal month, I'd be posting this on time. So there!

February was a tough month here in Saskatchewan weatherwise, and although viruswise. Things are very slowly getting better but I have to admit I'm impatient for them to get better faster. It's never really a relief to get to March here in Saskatchewan because winter doesn't like to let go of us this early but the days are so much longer and the weather does tend to warm up somewhat. I do feel pretty optimistic about things just now as I'm writing and hopefully I'll continue to for a while.

Castle Waiting by Linda Medley
The Black Jersey by Jorge Zepeta Patterson

Twin Peaks season 1
Police Story
The first episode of Behind Her Eyes
Bonding season 2

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