This week I thought about recommending The Once’s Christmas album from 2012 (it’s called This Is a Christmas Album and it’s really good) but instead I’m going to recommend... the Statistics Canada website.


Seriously though!

We’re all super obsessed with numbers these days and I’ve often seen people lamenting the lack of reporting on things like deaths of other causes during the pandemic. In fact, while these things may not be reported on in the news, there is an astounding amount of information on any metric you can think of for the Canadian population and economy available directly from Statistics Canada.

For example, here’s a cool population clock, that updates births, deaths, immigration, emigration, and even internal migration in real-time.

If you’re into some pandemic-related info and feeling morbid, you might want to look at an interactive tool of weekly death counts (current up to sometime in Septemberish).

If you’re feeling more festive, you might want to look into how many Christmas trees are grown in Canada (in five year intervals).

I will caution that like all government websites, this one can be challenging to navigate and may or may not be mobile friendly, but it’s a really good resource and I’d encourage anyone to check it out!

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