As winter comes to the coronaworld, I'm trying out different things to keep me busy. One of those things is a weekly post to share things I think are cool/important/fun/interesting, from books to shows to podcasts and other things in between. -M.R.

It's surprisingly hard to come up with something to recommend each week that might have universal appeal when I am a very odd person with kind of niche interests! I think I'll have to start getting into some more specific things next week! Or just Christmas-themed ones, we'll see.

This week is already a bit Christmas-themed, because it's about baking, which happens in excess at this time of year.

I'd specifically like to recommend the recipes from King Arthur Baking (formerly known as King Arthur Flour). These recipes are so clear, so varied, and often have a ton of supplementary material and tips! Some of my favourites include: Buttery Sourdough Buns, Cinna-buns, Chocolate Breakfast Muffins. I'll be trying more of them this Christmas for sure, along with my old standbys.

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