What I'm Reading: The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

I've been wanting to post a quick review of The Light Fantastic for a while now, just as an attempt to chronicle my Discworld (re)read and my impressions of the books, but unfortunately I've been swamped ever since finishing the book a couple of months ago now. So I'm just going to do an EXTREMELY quick review today before it gets to be way too late to say anything at all.

Basically, The Light Fantastic is a direct sequel to The Colour of Magic in that it begins the moment that book ends, with Rincewind tumbling off the edge of the world. He's saved by the spell in his head, fortunately.

I wasn't sure whether or not I'd read this book before until we encounter a character halfway through who is a virgin that is intended to be a human sacrifice to some fantasy Druids. I thought to myself, "If her name turns out to be Bethan, then I've read this book before," and sure enough, that was her name. So, uh, you can see how much of this book I retained over the years.

I enjoyed the book but once again it wasn't anything terribly special that would convince me to read the next book in the series if I didn't already love it. I'm glad that, back in the 80s, other people actually kept picking up Pratchett's books so that the series could continue.

Next up is Equal Rites, which I read much more recently (but still almost ten years ago), so I'm quite looking forward to picking that one up and seeing what I think of it. It's the first book with one or more of the Witches in it, and I absolutely love the Witches.

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