Current Distractions, August 2018 Edition

Wishing you all a happy end of the summer!

August has been a funny month, in that it was sweltering early on and then there was a precipitous nosedive to cooler temperatures that has immediately put me in the mood for fall (though I've resisted turning on the furnace in my house just yet). Meanwhile, I've been trying to continue to get out and enjoy the weather. I'm also trying not to drive myself insane with the enormous organization project I've undertaken, which has engulfed my living room for more weeks than I remember. Argh. Hope to have more exciting developments about how I've totally overhauled my life by the time next month rolls around.


Castle Rock
Duh. Only a couple episodes in but I'm liking it so far.

Yes, I watched a movie for once! I really liked it!

Attack on Titan
Did I forget to mention that new episodes of this show have been appearing this summer? Oh man.

Babylon Berlin
Star Trek TNG

I'm sick of virtually every podcast I listen to. Please recommend some!

Player's Own Voice
This is a new CBC podcast that features interviews with athletes. I'm enjoying it so far, although it's still finding its legs.

Wild Rivers
I just discovered this band's 2016 LP and have been loooving it.

I have been obsessively tallying up page counts and days remaining in 2018 to see if I can read the eight or nine books that I really want to finish before the end of this year. At least four of them are over 500 pages long, so that could get interesting.

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