Five Years Ago This Month: January 2013

Five years ago this month...

Trees and darkness in Northern Saskatchewan.

...I was belatedly distracted. An interesting mix there of things that were memorable and terrible.

...I discuss the state of the blog. From my vantage point five years later I can say that the plans I discussed in this post didn't end up going anywhere for various reasons, which is a shame.

...I reviewed Out of Oz. I did enjoy the Wicked Years series overall, but I do find that at this point I have no desire to ever read another novel by Gregory Maguire, so I suppose that says something?

...I was distracted. Still love Joe Hill and Jenny Trout (she officially changed her name since I wrote the original post). Still have the drafts of those "kids killing each other" contrast and comparison posts. Not sure if I should bust them out at this point or not...

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