Current Distractions, January 2016 Edition

I actually came up with a lot to write about this month, but as usual I'm pressed for time, so I'm jumping right in.


I started The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman early this month and I'm still reading it, and in fact I have over 400 pages to go. It is so amazingly long, and while it's not as much of a trial as the Baroque Cycle books, I'm not sure whether I like it. I'm sure I don't love it. We'll see what the final verdict is.


I think I've already mentioned I Don't Even Own a Television, but it's a podcast that I've really been enjoying lately. Recently they've been mocking some things I love (The Hold Steady) and that's been tough, but I keep reminding myself that not everyone needs to love the same things that I do. On the other hand, there's The Read, which is a pop culture/hip hop podcast (according to their website, although it's so much more). I started listening to this at some friends' urging, and I almost never know who they're talking about. I could listen to Crissle's voice all day, though, and I'm learning a lot.


This past weekend I watched The Sapphires. It was a lot of fun! Also depressing in parts.


God knows how long it's been since I played Uncharted 2, but it couldn't've been more recently than late winter/spring 2012. I got my hands on Uncharted 3 this month at last, though, and I started playing it and it has been so long since I played a game, and it's making me really happy except for the chance that I chose my difficulty level to be too high, and I chose easy mode.


Possibly the most exciting news of the month, I actually have been "exercising" consistently for the last two thirds of the month, which might be the longest I've stuck with anything since I had to give up Zombies, Run! I say "exercising" because what I'm doing is the Lifetime Fitness Ladder, and where I'm at right now (rung 4, I know), it takes less than ten minutes to do all of the exercises. I think I feel better already, although I'm guessing that's mostly psychology. But I'm actually really excited to keep doing this and get to some basic fitness level compared to "giant lump," which is where I'm at right now.


And not least... On January 22nd, there was a school shooting in La Loche, Saskatchewan. Four people were killed. Saskatchewan is my province, and while I suppose it's occurred to me that something like that might happen here, it wasn't something that I expected. I actually went to high school with someone from La Loche, who now works at the school there, and while we haven't stayed in touch, it did bring the events even closer to home. It seems like a lot of people who have never been there or met the people are speaking about the community and tearing it down in uncomfortable ways, which is why I've avoided linking to any articles about the shooting. I don't have any profound words about this whole thing. Basically all I can say about it is this: I am so so sorry that this has happened to the people of La Loche.

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