Five Years Ago This Month: August 2010

Five years ago this month...

Fun fact I learned five years ago: cacti can grow in Saskatchewan!

...I reviewed The Black Cat. Or rather, I posted an old review I'd written of that book, while I decided what to do about my romnov crisis.

...I reviewed Loving. I wasn't a huge fan, and the book has made very little last impression, but I would still like to try reading the other two Henry Green novels that I got in a bind up with it.

...I reviewed The Man in the the High Castle. Another reposted review. For a "what if Hitler won WWII?" book, this one was startlingly boring. I often wonder whether I'd appreciate it more after a reread.

...I reviewed The Call of the Wild. It knocked my socks off and led to an ongoing love affair with Jack London.

...I reviewed The Red Tent. Another reposted review. Another book I'd consider revisiting, this time just for the sake of enjoying it again.

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