Current Distractions, May 2015 Edition

I don't know how it's the end of May already, but I guess that's probably because as I'm writing this, there are still a few days to go.

Lately I'm basically just counting down the days until I'm done the current project I'm on at work. It's now, I hope, less than 100. It's been a really long and hard project to deal with so far, and although I've mostly managed to figure out how to deal, I'll be very happy to get to the end of it, and hope that the next one is better.


Les Revenants (The Returned)
My sister and I started watching this a couple of weekends ago and stayed up too late and it was great! We haven't had a chance to finish the season yet but I'm really looking forward to it. It was sold to me by Ricky Carmona on Wham Bam Pow as a French zombie show, but it's really something much more than that, at least what I've seen of it so far.

Ex Machina
I saw this on a whim, and I liked it. I didn't need any additional proof that I have a major thing for blond eyelashes, but I ended up with a crush on Domhnall Gleeson anyway. I found the movie a bit predictable except not quite. There were a few beats of it that were, anyway. It's gorgeous, though, and it's pretty good sf.

Mad Max: Fury Road
I saved the best for last. Oh my fucking God this was an amazing movie. I'm hoping to see it again in the theatre and I highly recommend that you do as well if you like action movies at all and possibly even if you don't. It's been weeks now and I still can't get this movie out of my head. I hope that we get more like it, not necessarily Mad Max-related, but just stuff that's well-considered and detailed and not so much CGI.


A Distant Mirror
I realized that I hadn't read any non-fiction since Christmastime (when I read Tokyo Vice during the 12hppofxmas), so I accelerated this to the top of my reading list in spite of it being a beast of a book. My reading priorities are all askew right now, but I'm hoping that once I've got this book read, I can realign them.

Believe it or not, that's about all I have to report. I always intend to keep better track of my distractions, and then end up being too distracted to do so.

Here's hoping for a wonderful summer.

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