Read-a-Thon Post #2.5: Taking a Break

Pages read since last update: 78
Pages read so far: 320

Well, I had to take a quick nap a little while ago because I couldn't keep my eyes open, and now, thanks to the snow, I need to leave early for my social outing of the night. So unfortunately I still haven't finished The Scorch Trials. That's ok, though. I think I have about an hour worth of reading to go when I get home tonight, and then I can post about it and pick my next book.



  1. It's hour 15. It's time to shake it all up, and maybe change the reading material for something lighter, faster, easier, funnier. You've earned it. Go for a graphic novel, a comedy, a poem, a book of verse, anything, but make a change, just for a few pages or chapters. Oh... and now is the time for one of those super snacks you've been saving! ;-) #TeamMrPopper

  2. Tsk tsk... all these breaks... Just joking!! Sounds like a wonderful day, and breaks are important and fun! Especially when they are social outings :) (Except - eww snow!!) Enjoy yourself, and happy readathon!!

  3. I took a nap too! I feel much better and have gotten my second wind. It is really quiet now. I can hear my cat snoring.

    We are in the home stretch. Don't forget to move around a bit. Best of luck in achieving your read-a-thon goals. Happy reading! #TeamMrPopper