Saskatchewan is A Thing: Frosty the Snowman

Welcome to Saskatchewan is A Thing, my compilation of all of the random references to Saskatchewan (Saskatchereferences), which I believe is over-represented when it comes to random references, chasing some of the greats like Timbuktu and Tripoli. If you know of a Saskatchereference that I haven't featured yet, please leave a comment!

Hi everyone! Welcome to this new feature I'm doing that I've been planning forever because this is a thing that I've been noticing for probably two decades now, and also because Sophie's Choice proved that it extends to literature as well as being in movies and tv.

In honour of Christmas, I'm featuring an instance of Saskatchewan being A Thing from the 1969 Frosty the Snowman television special.

As of November 2019, I've updated the video reference below, hopefully it sticks around for longer than the last one! It starts at the beginning of the scene featuring the Saskatchereference.

Saskatchereference Tally: 2
Saskatchereferences per Saskatcheresident: 1/557 085 (2/1 114 170)


  1. Wait, I typed out a comment that I think the system ate. There's a Saskatchewan scene in The Constant Gardener, if you're into reading things to find Saskatchereferences!

    1. Maaaybe. Thanks for the heads up, though, I'll add it to the list of potentials! :D