Announcing the Twelve Hectopages of Xmas Readathon!

I'm sure that everyone who reads this blog has already quit in a fit of rage over the things that I use as excuses for my monthly blog posts, but here's another one. I'm using the one post of this month to write an announcement for a readathon that I'm making up right now. Here are some further details.

 12 hpp 


Me! The mysterious M.R.! I am hosting this and will most likely be the sole participant. But you are welcome to participate as well if you want. Keep reading to see how?


This is a readathon. Basically the idea is to just read a whole bunch. In this case, twelve hectopages (1200 pages) over the course of the Christmas season, specifically the twelve days of Christmas. There are no rules besides that. The books don't have to be Christmas books, and I'm not posting any challenges or anything like that.


Because I'm perverse and hate my family (not at all, but), this readathon will take place over the course of the actual twelve days of Christmas. If you, like Bob and Doug MacKenzie, are somewhat confused as to what the twelve days of Christmas are, then I will tell you the actual dates right now: December 25 to January 5. Let's say midnight to midnight.


Wherever I am and/or you are.


Many reasons, actually! The first is that I haven't been able to participate in Dewey's Readathon at all this year, and I've been pretty disappointed! (NB that link will take you to the readathon website but my posts about the one that I attempted in October 2013 are under the "Supplemental" tag.) I was in Calgary for the April readathon, and studying during the October readathon. I've also been masochistically watching so-called Booktube videos a lot lately, and they do a lot of readathons over there. So instead of quietly doing my usual glut of Christmas reading, this year I am formalizing it as a readathon so that I can feel even more accomplished. Christmas is a time when I like to hang out with friends and family, eat baked goods until my teeth hurt, and read as much as possible. Join me!


I have absolutely no mechanism for you to register for this readathon other than leaving a comment on this post. There won't be any prizes other than my appreciation that you're joining me in something I'd be doing anyway. Seriously though, the more the MERRIER. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

Hashtag for this is #12hppofxmas by the way. And yes, the @twohectobooks twitter account is (sort of) back in business.

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