Current Distractions, Belated September 2014 Edition

I’m writing this a little bit in advance of posting* and right now it’s been a hot week of fall with the typical shocking blue sky and orange leaves on and falling off of most of the trees, somehow paired with temperatures above 25 degrees C. It’s been weird and delightful and the sun goes down before 7 p.m. all of a sudden, and if it weren’t for the fact that winter is right around the corner for who knows how many months, I think I’d like fall better than spring (spring isn’t as pretty but it’s a more hopeful season).

I’ve spent the month doing too many things, gallivanting all over the province for work and training-type stuff, and also somehow managing to get my living room painted (although that particular task isn’t complete just yet). Studying for the test that I mentioned last month has cut into my reading time, but I still read a couple of books and wrote a couple of reviews, and maybe someday I’ll be able to bring my post frequency back up to two per month!

I’m a bit rushed right now, though, so this is it for this month.

*But posting late, while it's raining and 4 degrees C outside.

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