Current Distractions, June 2014 Edition

My apologies for how cursory I expect this post to be, but the fact is that I'm writing it before the long weekend, because otherwise it'll be late, and I have a bit of a headache this evening. June has been chiefly rainy and has gone by way too fast.


Orange Is The New Black

I marathoned season 2 within two weeks after it came out (it would've been quicker if not for my obligations the weekend it was released). I can't even believe that this show exists, to be honest. I've never watched Weeds, but I heard it went off the rails in its later seasons, and I really hope that that doesn't happen with OITNB.

Voyager and Enterprise

I can't even believe that these two shows exist, but for different reasons. I finished watching Voyager this month, and it was ultimately unsatisfying, though not utterly terrible. It just had a lot of squandered potential.

Enterprise, on the other hand, seems to be misguided right from the pilot episode, in which two of the main characters have to decontaminate one another by greasing each other up, filmed in a way that's basically softcore porn. It's like if instead of Deanna Troi telepathically calling William Riker "Imzadi" in the pilot of TNG, she'd flashed multiple scenes of them fucking into his brain.

It Happened One Night

I've been meaning to watch this old romcom for multiple years, and I finally got around to it and I wish I hadn't waited so long. The leads in this movie don't even kiss on screen and it's awesome. I love how old movies like this had to rely more on snappy dialogue than absurd set pieces, and build sexual tension in much more subtle ways (see above complaint about Enterprise).



Having drawn them in my office pool, I'm cheering for Argentina (La Albiceleste!) this year. This is actually the first time that I'm paying any attention whatsoever to the World Cup, because I didn't know it existed until 2006. My boyfriend at the time was a soccer dude, and then I was quite painfully dumped just before the competition began. In 2010 I think I was busy not doing much after starting my job (unfortunately I didn't start doing Current Distractions posts until September of that year, or I'd be able to actually tell you what I was doing instead. Anyway I haven't been able to watch much thanks to said job, but I did watch Argentina vs Iran, and what I have to say about that is: Messi Messi Messi.


City of Saints and Madmen

How did I not realize that this was a short story collection before I got 80% of the way in? It was ok. Probably better if mushrooms really creep you out.

I'm also still learning Italian. These are the words of Italian Bilbo Baggins.

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