Current Distractions, March 2014 Edition

I should really do a better job of keeping track of what I'm up to over the course of the month. Half the time I've forgotten everything by the time I sit down to write my distractions posts.

Basically I'm ongoing with unpacking stuff, work, and making my latest costume.

I've also been...


Star Trek: Voyager
Still! It's been going by fast and slow because it's a dumb show in a lot of ways. I watch between one and three episodes most days, but it doesn't drag me away from getting things done the way a better show would, so I haven't felt the need to pause between seasons. If you're up for a #longread, have a look at this interview with Ron D. Moore, which articulates a lot of the problems with the show far better than I ever could and also reveals some of the genesis of the great Battlestar Galactica, or B*.


Les Misérables
So I have an iPad mini these days, and I've finally started using it a bit more, having realized that I could use it for reading books and watching movies while travelling to and from work (when I'm not the one driving, that is). But anyway, I've wanted to read Les Mis en français for what feels like forever now, and I've finally started. In fact, I think I might introduce it onto this blog as another series of posts. It's going to take a looong time to read, but I'm hoping that it'll also keep some of the dust off of my French language skills.


Speaking of language skills, I've been introduced to Duolingo and love it so much. I'm using it to learn, as you may have noticed directly above, Italian. Spanish arguably would've been a more useful language to learn, given the continent I live on, buuut I'm planning to travel to Italy in the next few years, so whatever. The biggest challenge so far is that I sometimes get Italian and French words confused (although knowing French helps significantly).

This'll be it for now, though. The weather is kind of awful as I write this, but I have high hopes for April.

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