Current Distractions, January 2014 Edition

This month hasn't been a good one for reading List books for one major reason: I moved! While that would normally mean a major service interruption, I think this time I should get through it ok (thanks mostly to the fact that I'm only posting one thing per month for the time being) and you won't notice it much. But yeah, I get most of the books I read for this blog from the library, and so I didn't want to get anything and then immediately lose it in a box somewhere. That, plus I haven't had much time to get to the library because most of what I've been doing over the past month was packing and then carrying multiple boxes (many of them full of books) from one place to another. But I'm hoping that this move will be my last for a while, so yay!

I was distracted by a few other things, though.

Well, one in particular. I watched the new season of Sherlock.

Now, a lot of people are really down about Sherlock for some reason, but I really really liked the first two seasons of the show and may be just a tiny bit in love with Martin Freeman, to the point that I've even contemplated rewatching the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. But this season went off the rails in a way that I never would have expected for a show like this. I don't know if the creators just spent too much time on Tumblr before getting to work, or if they got rid of Moriarty too early, or what. And to be clear, I'm also spectacularly unfamiliar with the source material. But the episodes felt long and not particularly mysterious, which seems to me to be what the show mainly should be, and it was pretty disappointing. I guess I'll wait a year to see if they can get their shit together on this.

Meanwhile I'm also making a costume, planning a bit of crocheting, and generally just looking forward to spring and some hypothetical day when I might have all of my stuff unpacked finally.

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