Current Distractions, April 2013 Edition

Hello friends, etc.

The thing that took up most of my time in April was preparing for and going to the Calgary Expo. Mainly I was just finishing up my costume at the last minute, but the whole event just devoured my time. I still read a fair amount of the third and fourth books of the Dark Tower series, though (i.e. the whole third book, closing in on half of the fourth). Also the Expo was a pretty fun time.

Also yesterday I made a loaf of bread that collapsed hilariously for some reason, so that's a problem I'm going to have to solve for the next loaf, because I have almost a full jar of yeast to use up, so homemade bread will hopefully become standard now until I go wherever else I end up going for work. Because yes, another thing that happened to me this month was that I finally got out of The North and back into The City. I'm still transitioning but trying to really get myself moving a little faster than I ordinarily would, so that I can take full advantage of being home.

Anyway, I have a post ready for tomorrow (would put it up today but it seemed kind of weird to do so).

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