Current Distractions, June 2011 Edition

Alas, the format for these Distraction posts is just too difficult to maintain, so I think that instead I'll just use it for updating you wonderful people who are still paying attention on my various activities and whatnot. I know, that sounds like the most interesting thing you can imagine.

I'll still give you one link, though: my friend Scott recently started a blog called I Smell Good (I almost typoed that as "I Smell God," which would've been hilarious and misleading at the very least). It is spectacular and it's about his hitchhiking travels as a non-dirty hippie, and also some other things. So far he also updates more frequently than I do and his content is a lot more exciting, so I won't be offended if you abandon my blog in favour of his.

Anyway I've had some upheaval this month, moving off of the construction site I was at and back into the office, and trying to remember what it's like to not have all of my meals cooked for me and dishes done and bed made and so on. (Having reasonably speedy internet access in the evenings doesn't help, let me tell you.) It's pretty tough, and being chained to a desk is pretty boring. In short, I really suck at being a responsible adult.

But I've been reading! I've finished and drafted a review for Brideshead Revisited that should be edited and ready for posting by the time the weekend rolls around. And I started reading another romnov, and I think in order to do these things justice, I'm going to have to post my comments on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Which means that I might be posting a lot more in the near future!

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