16 Rules

Although absolutely no one asked, here are the Rules for a Lady provided at the beginning of every chapter in the book of the same name that I recently reviewed.
  1. A lady always wears her hat in public.
  2. A lady does not sit on top of coaches.
  3. A lady is always demure.
  4. A lady is grateful for a man's protection and assistance.
  5. A lady does not run barefoot after cutthroats.
  6. A lady does not pick locks.
  7. A lady does not listen at doorways.
  8. A lady does not play with dead bodies.
  9. A lady does not enter conversations uninvited.
  10. A lady does not hide in closets.
  11. A lady forgives and forgets.
  12. A lady honours and obeys her parents.
  13. A lady never drinks gin.
  14. A lady is always in control.
  15. A lady is never in haste.
  16. A lady always follows her heart.
Of course, each of these rules is one that the main character, Gillian, breaks or otherwise violates over the course of the chapter. Except the last, duh.

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