R16. A Romnov by M.R. - Choosing a Category

One of the questionable joys of writing a category romance novel is choosing which category to write for.

Of course I put off choosing until NaNoWriMo was only three hours away.

Harlequin has a literal figurative ton of different potential categories to write for, and I'm not going to go into all of them. But you guys, there's a fucking Harlequin NASCAR.

For me, it came down to Harlequin Presents and Harlequin Romance.

Harlequin Presents looks like this. These ones are of the fantastic variety, tales of the super-rich and beautiful, set in exotic locales. I was drawn to it because my characters are all really rich and they're on a cruise ship. However, I was reluctant because these books involve more sexiness and I wasn't sure how comfortable I would be writing that.

Harlequin Romance obviously sounds very generic, but here's what it looks like. Truth is, it is pretty generic. This category involves more realistic settings, with more average people. However, there's some room for other stuff, as long as the focus is on the capital-R Romance more than the sex (but there's still a bit of bangin' I think).

Anyway, for now I've decided on the Harlequin Romance category, although if I end up writing a bunch of smutty filler, I might reconsider.

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