In Which I Lose Even More Of My Readers' Goodwill

K, you guys aren't going to be happy with me.

I've been having a really hard time lately keeping up, even though I'm on my break from the romnovs. I guess when I started this blog I really didn't think I'd ever find a job, or else I thought that while working I'd be able to read at least one book per week, which simply isn't the case (depending on the length of the books, obviously).

Anyway, I'm going to switch to posting two reviews per month, the Top 100 review on the 1st and the random and/or romance review on the 15th. Given that all anyone ever tells me is to read faster, I know this won't be a popular decision. I think it might improve the quality of the reviews, though (and by the way, I've been thinking really hard about what to do about the whole romance novel thing and I think I've made a decision about that, too, but I'll wait 'til the retrospective post for the 80s or whatever to make the official announcement).

I'm also going to try to do some additional posts during the month about books and engineering and why I think it's notable that I like both, and whatever else I think is reasonably relevant, to make up for the less frequent reviews.

Anyway, I hope you'll all stick around!


  1. Hey, no worries! I totally understand the time management aspect of this, and I think it's admirable that you've continued even when you got the job in the first place. :)

    I look forward to reading whatever you post!