Current Distractions, September 2010 Edition

This is a new "feature" I'm introducing wherein I will attempt to explain why I can't read a book every week. I will tell you a story, and give you four links to things on the internet that have kept me from my books.

A Story

My boss basically likes to make fun of how poor I am (good naturedly, of course), and about a week ago I ended up in a 60 ft office trailer with him, and commented on how it was a lot bigger than I expected. Instead of answering, "That's what she said," which probably qualifies as sexual harassment, he did a quick calculation and announced that the trailer was probably about 650 square feet.

"Probably bigger than your apartment," he said.

So that night at 10 pm, instead of doing my dishes, I took out a tape measure and did a rough estimate of the area of my apartment: 480 square feet.

Some Links

I've been watching The X-Files, which scared the pants off of me as a pre-teen, and honestly still does. My parents watched it when I was a kid, and I guess I must've watched it with them. It started right around the time that Star Trek: The Next Generation was winding down, and I guess it must've replaced TNG as our family genre show. I'm currently watching season 2 and delighting at the times when I remember things from episodes that I haven't seen for fifteen years.

I know I'm like years late to this party, but I finally watched Across the Universe this month and seriously how hot is Jim Sturgess? Good God.

It was my birthday this month, and I received a very nice e-mail message from someone special. I received some other awesome things, too, but I think I'll save them for when I remember to take some legit pictures. Long story short, I have amazing friends.

I've also been watching a lot of Brad Jones/The Cinema Snob's stuff, via That Guy With The Glasses (maybe I'll link to him next month, but you can find him on your own, I'm sure). Actually not much for The Cinema Snob, more just his new movie reviews and a few "Brad Tries". I find him totally hilarious, and I love how, like, pumped he gets about everything. If you feel like you need more enthusiasm in your internet, definitely check him out.

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